What to expect?


Don't expect any stiff, super-posed shots. Our images are real, spontaneous, in the moment and individual. Once your session is booked, we'll discuss location, clothing, ( find the tab that says "What To Wear") and the overall feel of the session. You'll receive tips to prepare for the session. These are not your typical portraits and my style is not for everyone--that's okay. It's important to make sure we are a good match before booking so that we are all thrilled with the final images. I love capturing real life moments ... the silly, spontaneous, and playful ... the loving, serious and thoughtful.


Working With Children:


This should be FUN! Please let me lead the way and I will ask you if I need help. I will work at their level and their pace. Sometimes, we will work one-on-one, away from the pressures of "performing" from mom and dad. A favorite doll, a colorful toy, or other activities like bubbles, etc. are wonderful, too. It helps to make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before the session, that nap time isn't too close to session time and the kiddos are well fed. Nursing breaks for babies, chill out and snack time for little ones, etc are always accommodated with pleasure.


Depending on your style, I can make suggestions or help you coordinate outfits for your photo session. Click the What to Wear Tab for visual ideas.


Engagement Sessions:


I really like to see the magic between the two of you and capture your excitement as you get ready to start your lives together. I like to try unusual locations, too. Let's show what makes you a unique couple in love. I also like to see your personalities come through in your attire - get funky! Bright spots of color, cool Converse and a hip tie, sexy heels and jeans ... spice it up! Go retro and antique. We will even go themey! Your imagination is the only limitation.


Best Time For Newborn Photos:


Newborns are best photographed between 5-10 days old - book before your due date! The day of the shoot, crank your heat UP. The baby will sleep through the entire session because they will be warm and comfy. We will walk through the house to choose the most ideal locations, with the best natural light. We love to include special family furniture pieces, blankets, hats, etc….props that will make a personal statement. Having those readily available at the shoot will help move things along. The session can last from 2 to 4 hours. We understand babies schedule and will accommodate.


Bridal/Boudoir Sessions:


These are sessions where you show up with nothing on your mind but your man. We will consult on the details and get creative with locations and props. Brides: Bring old, new, borrowed, blue items. Boudoir: Lingerie, Sexy Shoes, His clothing, (ball jersey, button-down, ties, hats/caps) etc….. These sessions are for "his eyes only". Whether it's a wedding surprise, Valentine's Memento or just because you love him, let us capture those special looks that you only give to him.


Home From The Honeymoon Shoot:

This is the perfect opportunity to capture those newlywed glances and relaxed first photos as husband and wife. Creative location and casual or themed shoots. Let your imagination and fun personalities shine in these unique images.



Choosing the Location:


Tell me about the feel you want for your session and I can help figure out the best location for your session. I am open to trying new places! Newborn/baby sessions are held in your home, as well as outdoors, weather permitting.


The Details of the Day?


I will show up to our session a little early and I will want to look to find the best lighted areas to photograph. I'll likely have a few fun props I'll bring along to fit the theme of shoot. We will play and see what happens from there. It's not going to be stiff and formal. Don't be surprised if I ask you to all jump in the air at the same time, lie down in the grass or make silly faces at each other. Super heroes, cowgirls, and fairies are all welcome to come out to play! Just keep an open mind! I always welcome your own ideas, so if you have something specific in mind, please tell me before the session so I can be sure to come prepared.


Hair, Nails, Make-up:


Family/Kiddos: Try to keep it simple, and please don't be offended if I make suggestions on hair details or ask you adjust clothing. Don't forget to clean and trim everyone's nails and toenails (especially mom's and dads on newborn sessions).


Models/Brides: Most sessions will be arranged prior to shoot for MUA’s and Stylists. If no prior arrangements are made, show up with make-up and hair supplies and foundation applied. Finishing details/touch-ups should be done on-site to have freshest look possible.


Not feeling well?


If someone is sick, let's reschedule. I will always reschedule sessions if I or my family members are ill. Please give a minimum of 48 hr notice. This allows me to have ample time to fill your reserved time. Otherwise there may be a fee for cancellation.






Your wedding is an unparalleled experience. You and your love have been planning an event that will tell your love story. A beautiful day unfolding in some glorious unexpected moments as well as precisely planned details. We welcome your ideas and want you to know that we want to give you exactly what you expect from your photos. It is with our sincere gratitude and the love of capturing those moments, which we hope to share on your wedding day. Let us know of your desired editing style and we will accommodate you and what you want from your photos.




A fantastic way to document the months you loved them even before you met or held them. These sessions are from Motherhood to the 1st year photos.

Our images document the beauty of your pregnancy and the very first pictures of that tiny face.




All too soon those babies grow into little people with big personalities.

These sessions are for children age 2 to 9 years of age.

These ages tend to be a little more active therefore, we allot more time in these sessions to provide you with quality images that reflect their personality and character. Remember to include their favorite elements in the shoot. ( Favorite converse tennies, tu-tu, hat, etc….)




Play the guitar? Bring it. Play football? Meet us at the field. Artist? Let's get creative. If you want unique and random photos to remember your Senior Year then you have come to the right photographer. We want to give you the most laid back and exciting experience. We want you to let your true colors shine during your shoot and HAVE FUN. Bring yourself, any unique items you wish to be included, even bring your best friends! Find us on Facebook or click contact below and let's get started. The more friends you bring to the shoot, the cheaper the sessions. Call us for a quote.




Please limit the number of people in photos to 5 or less unless otherwise arranged prior to shoot. We are happy to include family pets in the shoot as well. Please bring proper leashes to contain pets and toys for us to use to gain Baby and Doggie’s attention. All shoots are at the location of your choice. Let’s have fun and get creative.


Please click CONTACT US tab below and schedule your appointment or for further information.


Thank you so much for considering Elle Michelle Photography to be such an important part of your memories.


Lesa MacGregor